5 Series, 7 Series & X5 
Remove & Ship

Process should take no longer then 10 minutes and is VERY easy

Tools needed:

  • Phillips #2 Screw Driver
  • Torx #10 Screw Driver
  • Flat Head Screw Driver

General Removal Process: 

  1. Move the steering wheel all of the way down.
  2. Remove the wood grain plates on either side of the steering wheel this will expose the lower bezel screws.
  3. Remove Phillips screws from the bottom and the Torx screws from the top.
  4. Detach the right side wires and move the Odometer out of the way.
  5. Pull the instrument cluster forward to get access to the wiring on the back.
  6. Unplug the three wiring harnesses from the cluster and remove it from the dash.
  7. Carefully Pack it up and send the cluster to us for repair.


Please Alow 7-10 Days For The Repair
Send your unit to:

WeBe Autos Ltd.
Attn: Michael Runnalls
433 Williams Way N.
Calverton, NY 11933